The occupier of scheduled premises may apply for an EPA licence, usually following the completion of works that have been subject to a works approval. If it is satisfied that the works have been properly constructed in compliance with the works approval, EPA will issue a licence (subject to suitable conditions and discharge limits) for operation of the plant.

There is no fee for a licence application following works approval, or for a situation in which a works approval was not required.

Where a works approval was required but was not obtained, a fee equivalent to the works approval application fee is payable.

Apply for a licence after a works approval

When a works approval has been obtained, and the occupier believes that the works have been completed in accordance with the approval, an application for a licence or a licence amendment may be made to EPA.

If there is no existing licence, please use the Approvals proposal pathway form (Word 520KB). The Approvals proposal pathway (publication 1560) provides guidance on completing the form.

Apply for a licence amendment after a works approval

If there is an existing licence complete the Licence issue or amendment form indicating completion (or partial completion) of works and provide the reference details for the relevant works approval.

EPA will inspect the works and, if they are found to comply with the conditions of the works approval, will issue the new or amended licence.

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Reviewed 24 September 2020