Licences can be amended by the licence holder or EPA.  

Licence amendment from works approval 

When a works approval has been obtained for works at premises that already hold an EPA licence, and the occupier believes that the works have been completed in accordance with the works approval, an application for a licence amendment may be made. 

On receiving this application EPA will inspect the works and, if they comply with the conditions of the works approval, will issue the licence amendment. EPA will issue the amendment within 21 days of inspecting the work (or at most 45 days after receiving the application). 

There is usually no fee for this type of amendment. 

If there is no existing licence, please use the Approvals proposal pathway form (Word 520KB). The Approvals proposal pathway (publication 1560) provides guidance on completing the form. 

EPA-initiated amendment 

EPA can amend licence conditions by issuing a notice of amendment to the licence holder. EPA may do this if it considers that different conditions or licence limits are required, in which case the licence holder has the right of appeal. EPA may also amend a licence for administrative reasons that do not alter the obligations of the licence holder, in which case no appeal rights exist. EPA will discuss any proposed changes to an existing licence with the licence holder prior to amending it. 

There is no fee for this type of amendment. 

Licence amendment requested by the licence holder 

A licence holder can apply to EPA to have any condition(s) of its licence amended by filling in the Approvals proposal pathway form (Word 520KB) and submitting it with supporting information to EPA. EPA will process an application for licence amendment within 60 days of receiving a complete application. 

The fee for amendment, when requested by the licence holder, is the lower of: 

  • 10 per cent of the current annual licence fee 
  • 85 fee units. 

Once you have completed the application please submit it to 

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Reviewed 8 September 2020