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Prescribed industrial waste (PIW) is hazardous waste that can be dangerous to people and the environment.

You must control PIW to prevent harm, especially when you transport it for disposal or treatment.

The laws and regulations that set out your obligations when transporting PIW are the:

If you don’t transport PIW the right way, you could get a fine or penalty.

The regulations require you to transport PIW using a vehicle with an EPA permit and with a waste transport certificate accompanying the load. These wastes can only be transported to facilities with EPA approval.

Find waste treaters, disposers, transporters and accredited agents

Search our PIW database to find:

  • treaters
  • disposers
  • transporters
  • accredited agents.

Become an accredited agent

An accredited agent can carry out certain tasks on behalf of a waste producer. This includes completion of part ‘A’ of a waste transport certificate on behalf of a waste producer.

Find out how to apply to become an accredited agent. 

Apply for a vehicle permit

It’s likely you’ll need a vehicle permit to transport PIW.

You might not need a vehicle permit if:

  • the waste you’re transporting is less than 50 kg or litres
  • you’re not being paid or rewarded for transporting the waste.

Find out more about how to apply for a vehicle permit, including:

  • driver training
  • vehicle safety and signage.

Complete a waste transport certificate

EPA uses waste transport certificates to track PIW from source to storage, recycling, treatment or disposal.

If you produce, transport or receive PIW, you must complete a waste transport certificate.

You must enter the right PIW categorisation on your waste transport certificate.

We give guidance on:

Register to use the EPA Interaction Portal and complete a waste transport certificate. 

Waste classification

Our waste classification system can sometimes mean you won’t need a waste transport certificate to transport waste. Our waste classification may also allow duty holders to accept waste they can’t normally accept.

Store PIW temporarily

We might allow you to temporarily store asbestos waste or designated liquid wastes. The Environment Protection (Scheduled Premises) Regulations 2017 explain:

  • who can temporarily store PIW 
  • where you can temporarily store PIW
  • how long you can temporarily store PIW. 

You must register on the EPA portal to temporarily store PIW.

Get help using the EPA Interaction Portal

Find guidance on using the EPA Interaction Portal – the place to access services like applying for vehicle permits or completing waste transport certificates.

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Reviewed 24 August 2020