An accredited agent is a waste transporter who has authority to act on behalf of a waste producer for specific waste types.

The accredited agent role comes under the Environment Protection Act 1970 and the Environment Protection (Industrial Waste Resource) Regulations 2009.

Under the 1970 laws, you need a waste transport certificate to transport prescribed industrial waste. Waste producers can engage a waste transporter, who is an EPA approved accredited agent, to complete the certificate on their behalf.

As an accredited agent, you fill out Part A of the waste transport certificate on behalf of the waste producer. You fill out Part B as the waste transporter. You can use one certificate for the collection of waste from multiple producers.

For more information, see Help with waste transport certificates.

Accredited agents don't exist from July 2021

The Environment Protection Act 2017 and Environment Protection Regulations apply after July 2021.

Under the 2017 laws, the accredited agent role no longer exists. However, a current accredited agent can still:

  • hold a waste transport permission, if you already have one that’s current
  • create waste records on behalf of waste producers, with their agreement
  • transport multiple loads of the same waste type in one truck.

Waste producers must create waste records in Waste Tracker to transport reportable priority waste. Or they can authorise a waste transporter to do so on their behalf, but this no longer needs to be an accredited agent.

About accredited consigners

Under the 2017 laws, the accredited consigner role provides a comprehensive service to waste duty holders. Accredited consigners help waste duty holders to classify and consign waste. They can also create and manage waste records in Waste Tracker.

If you are a current accredited agent, you don’t need to become an accredited consigner. However, if you’d like to add this service to your business offering, see How to become an accredited consigner.

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Reviewed 23 April 2021