Hazardous waste is known as prescribed industrial waste (PIW). You need a permit to transport PIW. From 1 July 2021, PIW becomes reportable priority waste and new permissions apply.

Transporting hazardous waste laws that apply until 1 July 2021

The Environment Protection Act 1970 applies to the transport of prescribed industrial waste (PIW). You must have a permit if your business transports PIW, unless:

  • the load is going to a site that’s exempt from the transport permit and tracking system
  • the net load is less than 50 kilograms or litres, and there is no fee or reward.

You can get a permit to transport PIW by lodging an application and relevant fee.

Find information about the application processes for new permits, renewal of permits, transfers of permits and permit amendments in Permit to transport prescribed industrial waste (publication IWRG811).

Application forms are available on the waste transport forms page.

More information:

Transporting hazardous waste laws in place from 1 July 2021

From 1 July 2021, you need a permission to transport reportable priority waste (transport), unless the net load is less than 50 kilograms or litres, and there is no fee or reward.

Permissions for transporting waste

You need an A10b registration to transport all reportable priority waste (transport) except waste codes B100, E100, G100 and R100. You need an A10a permit to transport these waste codes.

You can apply for a permission on the EPA portal.

These permissions include conditions to help you manage risks. The person who holds the permission is responsible for meeting the conditions. This means making sure everyone involved in transporting waste has the right training and supervision. You might need to provide evidence of this, such as internal operating procedures or staff training records.

Transport permissions are valid for five years. EPA can revoke or suspend a permission, including if the permission holder:

Permissions for transporting waste interstate

You need an A11 permit to bring controlled waste – the interstate equivalent of reportable priority waste (transport) – into Victoria. You need an A12 permit to take reportable priority waste (transport) out of Victoria.

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Reviewed 14 April 2021