Works approval applications are publicly advertised in the Herald–Sun and local newspapers, and may be accessed on EPA’s website. Members of the public may lodge comments with EPA within 21 days of advertising. Applications are also referred to other relevant agencies for their review and advice.

This process is designed to identify any community concerns early on and allow prompt resolution. If comments are received from any third parties, the applicant will be provided with an opportunity to address the concerns raised. EPA may convene a conference of the parties to assist in resolving those concerns.

EPA will complete its assessment, taking into account any public comments received and any applicant responses. EPA will then decide whether to issue a works approval and whether to attach any conditions to the approval. Proposed conditions will be discussed with applicants.

The Environment Protection Act 1970 requires that EPA makes a decision on works approval applications within four months of receiving a complete application. EPA may request further information from the applicant during the process or require an extension of time to complete the assessment.

If an appeal is made against the works approval and/or its conditions, the appeal will be heard by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.
For further details refer to section 2 of Part A of the EPA’s works approval assessment process (publication 1657).

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Reviewed 8 September 2020