What to do before you apply for a works approval

Before applying for a works approval it is important that you first lodge an Approvals proposal pathway form (Word 508KB) with EPA. This will allow us to assess the need for an approval and tell you how long the approval will take from our accepting the application to giving you our decision. A works approval application consists of two elements:

Our current works approval system produces a tailored application template by completing a checklist and referring to the relevant guidelines.

EPA's works approval assessment process (publication 1657) outlines our works approval process, and includes indicative timelines.

Piggery applicants can download the Works approval for piggeries guideline (publication 1686) for assistance preparing works approval or works approval exemption applications.

How to complete a works approval application

  • Go to the works approval application checklist page.
  • Complete the checklist and use it to generate and save a tailored application document.
  • Prepare the application document by referring to relevant sections of the Works approval guideline (publication 1658) for the required information.
  • You do not need to go through the whole guideline when preparing an application.
  • Complete the supporting information and attach it to the application.
  • Submit your application as required below.
You can also see our video for an explanation of the process.

How to submit your works approval or approvals proposal pathway application

You will need to submit:

  • an electronic copy of your works approval application document
  • a copy of the summary of your responses (your completed checklist)
  • a signed copy of the supporting information (Word).

Email the whole package of information to approvals.applications@epa.vic.gov.au.

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Reviewed 15 October 2020