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Remedial notices are directions EPA may give you as a business to prevent any danger to human health, life or the environment. 

A notice may direct you to:

  • immediately stop an activity or works
  • address an incident
  • conduct a cleanup of your site
  • change an existing process or activity.

These directions may be verbal or written and must be followed immediately.

You can apply for:

  • an amendment to your remedial notice 
  • a review of your remedial notice. 

Applying for an amendment or review does not suspend or disable the requirements contained in the served notice.

How to apply for an amendment

Notice recipients can apply for an extension of compliance dates, or an amendment or revocation of requirements.

To apply for an amendment, download the application form, fill it out, and return the completed form to the manager of the EPA office listed on the notice within the required time. EPA office contact details are listed on our Contact us page.

Application to amend a remedial notice (Word; 509KB)

EPA must receive the application for an amendment at least:

  • three working days before the relevant compliance date(s) for a minor works pollution abatement notice (MWPAN)
  • ten working days before the relevant compliance date(s) for a pollution abatement notice (PAN) or clean up notice (CUN).

We will not amend MWPAN requirements with immediate or extremely urgent deadlines.

EPA will review the application and respond within five working days of receiving it.

Read more about the remedial notice amendment process.

How to apply for a review

Notice recipients can apply for a review of a pollution abatement notice (PAN) or clean up notice (CUN) if:

  • the notice was issued to the wrong legal entity or wrong notice recipient
  • the recipient believes a notice compliance requirement is unreasonable
  • the recipient believes the time frame for completing the compliance requirement is unreasonable. 

To apply for a review of a PAN or CUN, please call us on 1300 372 842 (1300 EPA VIC). You must provide evidence to support your application and submit your application electronically, no later than 10 business days from the notice issue date. EPA has a discretion whether or not to accept an application for review after 10 business days. The Remedial Notice Review Policy (publication 1531) sets out criteria EPA will consider before accepting a late application. 

You will need to supply:

  • the EPA notice identification number
  • applicant details
  • premises address
  • grounds for review, which can be one of the following:
    • unreasonable timeframe for completing the compliance requirement
    • unreasonable compliance requirement
    • notice issued to wrong recipient
  • supporting information. 

Read more about the remedial notice review process.

Reviewed 20 April 2021