When you're transporting prescribed industrial waste (PIW), you must have a permit. To apply, download the appropriate waste transport forms.

See how to complete a vehicle permit form for instructions about completing and submitting the forms.

Driver training to transport prescribed industrial waste

Anyone who drives a vehicle transporting PIW must have a driver training certificate. This is completed through the Victorian Waste Management Association, who run a one-day training course. The course covers topics including waste management, vehicle preparation and emergency procedure guides.

Vehicle safety

When you apply for or renew a waste transport permit, you must make sure that your vehicle can safely transport the waste specified. There are requirements for tanker and non-tanker vehicles.

Vehicle signage for transporting prescribed industrial waste

You must display the correct signage on your vehicle if you're transporting:

  • PIW of 500L/kg or more classified as dangerous goods under the Dangerous Goods Act 1985
  • any amount of clinical waste or cytotoxic waste
  • non-hazardous waste as per Schedule 4 of the Environment Protection (Industrial Waste Resource) Regulations 2009.

The Australian dangerous goods code describes what kind of signage you need for waste, which can also be classified as dangerous goods.

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Reviewed 9 December 2020