Information on this page is not current law. It details new laws that commence on 1 July 2021 under the amended Environment Protection Act 2017.

Following a sitting of Parliament on Thursday 23 April, the commencement of the Environment Protection Amendment Act 2018 has been postponed. It is now intended to commence on 1 July 2021. On that basis, EPA will continue to regulate under the Environment Protection Act 1970 including all existing subordinate legislation (regulations and statutory policies including state environment protection policies and waste management policies) until the new commencement date. 

‘Proposed final’ versions of the new subordinate legislation – the Environment Protection Regulations and Environment Reference Standard (ERS) – have been released to support Victorians to prepare for the new Environment Protection laws.

What the change will mean for duty holders

EPA licences, permits and other legal instruments will continue to apply. This includes statutory notices such as a Pollution Abatement Notice or Clean Up Notice. You are expected to continue to comply with the conditions set out in that instrument.   

What the announcement means for the waste sector

EPA understands the essential role the waste sector continues to play for the Victorian community through the coronavirus response.

Postponing the commencement of the new laws will allow the waste sector to focus on delivering essential services.

Victoria's current environmental protection laws, including all current waste regulations and waste management policies, will continue to apply until the new commencement date. There will be no change to waste codes until the new legislation commences.

Current processes to apply for, or renew, Waste Transport Permits will remain the same.

Permit Holders who are currently Accredited Agents, will continue to hold this status in line with the current laws.

EPA will continue to monitor compliance against current laws and policies.

What the announcement means for the new waste tracking system and waste transport certificates

The new waste tracking system relies on the new laws, so it is not possible to release it before they commence. This means we will also postpone the start of the new waste tracking system and the newly developed app until the new laws commence in 2021.

The existing electronic waste transport certificate system will continue for waste tracking in Victoria until the new laws commence. We will continue to provide the electronic waste transport certificates for free.

We will not introduce GPS enabled or real time reporting until the rollout of the new waste tracking system when the new laws commence.

EPA will provide further advice to users of waste transport certificates ahead of the launch of the new waste tracking system in 2021 about how the industry will be transitioned to it and the new laws.
 Next steps for your business in the waste sector

EPA will continue to work very closely with the waste sector to prepare for commencement of the new laws.
Any preparation for the new laws that you have undertaken, puts your business, your organisation, your community, and the environment in a strong position now, and when the new laws and regulations commence in 2021.
For more information about the legislation announcement, contact EPA by calling 1300 EPA VIC (1300 372 842 – 24 hours), by emailing using the subject line: Environment Protection Amendment Act 2018 postponement.


Reviewed 19 March 2021