Information on this page is not current law. It details new laws that commence on 1 July 2021 under the Environment Protection Act 2017.

Declaration of use (DoU) is a tool that supports you in the safe reuse, storage and recovery of materials from low-risk waste. The DoU will be a short statement or checklist, usually only a couple of pages in length. It does not apply to material from high-risk wastes, which needs a permission.

DoUs will be valid for up to 12 months, or until your waste’s form changes. You won’t need a new DoU every time you receive the same kind of waste.

The DoU will involve you completing a self-assessment that:

  • describes your waste
  • assesses its risks
  • identifies legitimate uses for it
  • provides the end user with details about the quality and safety of your waste

Waste covered by a DoU

You can use a DoU for most types of industrial waste, but not reportable priority waste.

Applying waste to land is only allowed through a DoU for a limited number of wastes. They are:

  • commercial garden and landscaping organics that does not contain any physical or chemical contamination
  • untreated timber, including sawdust
  • natural organic fibrous waste.

If applying any other waste to land, you will need to seek a determination issued by EPA for guidance.

Lawful place

The duty to deposit waste at a lawful place applies to all industrial wastes, including those intended for reuse or recovery. For many types of waste, the lawful place must be a site that holds a permission. The DoU complements this requirement, offering you an alternative way to achieve lawful place for some low-risk wastes.

  • A DoU will help you meet the waste duty and help you manage risks.
  • The DoU encourages information sharing in the waste market.
  • You won’t need to submit a DoU to EPA.
  • An EPA authorised officer may ask to see your DoU.

When to use a DoU

You can use a DoU when you intend to use your industrial waste immediately, without needing to process it further. 

When a DoU is not appropriate

A DoU is not appropriate when:

  • your activity requires an EPA permission
  • your waste requires further processing or storage (new permissions apply)
  • it is a high-risk or reportable priority waste
  • you don’t intend to reuse the waste.

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Reviewed 22 January 2021