Learn how an accredited consigner can help you meet your waste duties

An accredited consigner is a person we appoint to support waste producers to meet their waste duties. This is especially important if you manage high risk waste or don’t have much experience. 

From 1 July 2021 an accredited consigner can help you:

Working with an accredited consigner is optional. It’s one way to show us you’re taking reasonably practicable steps to meet your waste duties. 

We’ll provide a list of accredited consigners on the public register from July 2021.

How an accredited consigner can help you

Accredited consigners can give you advice about waste management. They can undertake waste management activities on your behalf to minimise risks of harm to human health and the environment.

Accredited consigners do regular professional development to keep their skills and knowledge up to date. They help build your state of knowledge about classifying and managing priority waste  and reportable priority waste.

While an accredited consigner can help you, they don’t take on your waste duties for you. Both you and the accredited consigner must meet your obligations under the law.

How to become an accredited consigner

You can apply to EPA to become an accredited consigner. Potential accredited consigners need to show us they have the knowledge, skills, and capabilities to perform the role. 

Laws in place until 1 July 2021

Accredited consigners are different to accredited agents.  The accredited agent role won’t exist after 1 July 2021.  

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Reviewed 3 March 2021