EPA issued two legal notices to the Wangaratta Clay Target Club (the club) in 2016. The notices required the club to: 

  • establish the extent of the contamination 
  • prevent land and groundwater contamination from occurring.  

The local council removed the contaminated soil at the North Wangaratta Recreation Reserve. The reserve is next to the club. Soil testing has confirmed a reduced level of lead contamination. It now poses minimal risk to human health and the environment.  

The local council managed the reconstruction of the oval. 

The Wangaratta Clay Target Club is storing the contaminated soil at the club. They are working on a risk mitigation plan. An environmental auditor is overseeing the plan and the club has submitted a draft. The plan covers how the club can safely manage the contaminated soil in a cost-effective way.  

We have developed the Guide for managing contamination at shooting ranges. The guide is for outdoor shooting ranges to help prevent and manage contamination.  

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Reviewed 24 June 2020