When we tested the groundwater at the Wangaratta Clay Target Club (the club), we found that the results varied. The following contaminants were sometimes above health guideline levels: 

  • lead 
  • nickel 
  • arsenic. 

Arsenic and lead appeared to be present as suspended solids in the groundwater we tested. Nickel dissolves in the groundwater. 

You should not use the groundwater in the area for drinking as it may be contaminated.  

You should test the groundwater to make sure that it is suitable if you plan to use it for: 

  • stock watering 
  • irrigation. 


Testing showed lead contamination at the club, and the North Wangaratta Recreation Reserve. The Rural City of Wangaratta engaged consultants. They removed the soil from the reserve and stored it on the club’s land.

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Reviewed 24 June 2020