In June 2019, Coliban Water discharged treated wastewater from Kyneton's Water Reclamation Plant into the Campaspe River. The discharge didn't meet its EPA licence conditions.

We’re taking enforcement action against Coliban Water due to this treated wastewater discharge at Kyneton.

We confirmed that Coliban Water was meeting their licence conditions in July 2019. There are currently no health warnings for the Campaspe River.

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Treating wastewater means removing contaminants from wastewater or sewage. If the wastewater is treated effectively, it can be discharged to a waterway with minor environmental impact or reused.

Coliban Water stores treated wastewater in lagoons and provides it to third parties, who can use it for crop irrigation. When the lagoons are full, Coliban Water can discharge treated wastewater into the Campaspe River under strict licence conditions. To comply, the discharge must not exceed 20 per cent of the river flow. Coliban Water’s June 2019 discharge didn’t meet this and other licence conditions.

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Reviewed 1 March 2021