EPA is the lead agency following the September fire at Australian Recycling Corporation (ARC). We are investigating the fire, and will take enforcement action for breaches of the Environment Protection Act 1970 (the Act).

Existing remedial notices allow the operator to temporarily store waste on existing cells, while they build an engineered landfill cell. We have approved the temporary stockpiling of waste along the site's Sunbury Road boundary. However, waste, odour or dust must not leave the site.

We also required ARC to monitor for asbestos at the site boundary while the works were underway. ARC have monitored for asbestos for more than 170 days. Over this time, all of our monitoring results have been below the limit of detection. This means the community has not been exposed to asbestos during this work.

We have instructed ARC to place a cover on the waste stockpile.

EPA has issued regulatory notices for the site that require ARC to:

  • reduce the soil stockpile
  • implement monitoring and controls for dust
  • cover waste
  • document their hotspot prevention and fire response.

We are inspecting the ARC site regularly, and we are continuing to investigate breaches of the Act. We are working with Hume City Council to adress dust from vehicles on nearby roads when they enter or leave the site.

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Reviewed 29 October 2020