EPA has taken enforcement action at Glass Recovery Services. This is because the site has stockpile hotspots that could be a fire risk to the local community and environment.

As Victoria’s environmental regulator, EPA’s role at the Coolaroo site is to:

We’ve worked with these organisations to drive compliance at the site:

Regulatory action

We've used our powers to step in and secure the site. This was to make sure the right fire response capabilities are in place.

We’re doing this as a result of:

  • repeated failures to comply with the required standards
  • the unacceptable management of the waste currently stockpiled at the site.

EPA currently has 20 criminal charges against Glass Recovery Services and its sole director – for breaching their notices and the Victorian waste management policy.

We required remedial action to happen on the site so that risks are managed appropriately, and the community and environment are protected.

The site is now in the hands of receivers PKF. We will closely monitor for compliance.  

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Reviewed 19 November 2020