We’re cleaning up a large waste stockpile at Broderick Road, Lara. At the site we have in place:

  • a health, safety and environment management plan, including a COVIDsafe plan
  • a fire and emergency management plan.

These plans protect the community and the environment. They include controls to eliminate or reduce offsite impacts, such as noise, dust and traffic.

How we’re managing asbestos at the site

Sampling of stockpiles at the site has shown some asbestos contamination.

A licensed asbestos removalist will remove all material containing asbestos, following strict WorkSafe controls. An independent, expert occupational hygienist is supervising these works. They have been conducting air monitoring at all site boundaries, at works exclusion zones and in the cabs of machinery. To date, all monitoring has shown results are below the asbestos detection limit. Works will stop if weather conditions are likely to lead to unsafe dust conditions.

All waste containing asbestos is wet down during removal. Contractors are transporting the material offsite in EPA-permitted trucks via major transport routes to licensed landfills.

Asbestos in Victoria has more information about asbestos and its safe removal.

Fire prevention measures

A fire and emergency management plan is in place for the site. Resources onsite include:

  • an onsite water truck
  • improved road access for firefighters
  • one million litres of tank water to supplement other sources
  • heavy machinery to help with firefighting
  • hydrant lines along the site boundary
  • CCTV cameras with infrared
  • drone mapping with thermal capabilities
  • secure perimeter fencing.

Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV) has developed several response plans to mitigate the risk where possible. These plans include actions on their initial response, and the potential for a fire to escalate. They involve several aspects including an aviation response, air monitoring and public information.

We will continue to work alongside FRV to further enhance our response plans.

We are working closely with the interagency operations team to do all that is possible to reduce the likelihood of fire and limit the impact on the community. 

Monitoring the fire risk

FRV is closely monitoring the fire risk at the site. It provides regular updates to the community about risks that may occur if there is a fire.

In the event of a fire, emergency services would control an incident at the site. Community advice and warnings would be issued by Emergency Management Victoria as required.

In collaboration with FRV incident controller, Victoria Police is responsible for managing and conducting evacuations. Any decision to evacuate will be dependent upon air quality information and forecasts provided by EPA.

We encourage residents to stay up to date with weather conditions and regularly check for fire warning updates during the fire season.

Stay informed about fires and emergencies.

Contact us about Broderick Road

For more information about what’s happening at Broderick Road:

  • email us at BroderickRd@epa.vic.gov.au
  • call us on 1300 372 842. We’re here 24 hours.

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Reviewed 28 April 2021