SUEZ Recycling and Recovery Pty Ltd operates the landfill at 270-310 Hallam Road, Hampton Park.  

It is one of Victoria’s largest landfills and accepts waste from several Melbourne councils. It has an EPA licence to accept:  

  • household waste  
  • solid inert waste. 

Solid inert waste is solid waste that isn’t reactive, for example concrete or plastic. 

EPA received a significant increase in reports of odour from residents in Lynbrook and Hampton Park in October and November. We investigated these reports and responded as follows:

  1. We found that the leachate ponds at the Hallam Road landfill were the source of the sewage-type odour. We required SUEZ to urgently address the leachate issues that are causing odour. 
  2. SUEZ has now taken all reasonable steps to address the leachate.

    To address the odour, SUEZ has:

    • diluted their leachate ponds
    • installed new aerators in the ponds
    • added microbes to reduce the time it takes to treat the leachate.

    SUEZ are reporting their progress to the public.

  3. We found that the landfill's tipping face caused the rubbish/garbage -type odour in mid to late November 2020. This was made worse by high winds. To reduce the odour, SUEZ have reduced their tipping area, and are covering it more often during the day.

We are closely monitoring odour from the site. We are grateful to the community for reporting the odour. Your reports help us understand the effect operational changes are having on odour, or if there are times when the odour is worse.. 

We have commissioned studies into the health impacts of living near landfills like the Suez landfill in Hallam Road. These studies have considered the impacts of odour from sources like these leachate ponds.

Reporting odour

If you notice a strong odour in the area, please report it to EPA as soon as possible, by calling 1300 372 842. We’re here 24 hours.  Try to include as much information as possible including:

  • the type of odour (leachate/sulfate, fertiliser, gas or another  type of odour - use this list to help you describe odour. )
  • wind strength and direction
  • your location.

This information will help our officers assess the issue, and make sure that it is managed as quickly as possible.

You can also report the odour to SUEZ:

  • call SUEZ on 1800 368 737 (24 hrs). They register all calls and you will receive a return call within 24 hours.  

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Reviewed 15 March 2021