EPA’s role is to prevent harm from pollution and waste to the environment and human health. We enforce the Environment ProtectionAct 1970 to hold polluters to account.

EPA has laid a combined total of 34 criminal charges as a result of our enforcement investigations. These charges include the strongest charges EPA has at our disposal.

Industrial waste/dangerous goods still onsite pose a low risk to human health and the environment if managed the right way. WorkSafe has used its powers to take control of the Tottenham site. Our role on the site is to:

  • investigate if any of our laws were broken
  • partner in WorkSafe’s cleanup taskforce
  • support WorkSafe with advice on environment and health risks.

WorkSafe has formed a taskforce to clean up the site. The taskforce includes EPA, emergency services and local government. Our role in the taskforce is to:

  • assist with waste classification, treatment and disposal
  • provide appropriate approvals
  • make sure that the surrounding environment is not impacted by the cleanup. 

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Reviewed 19 February 2020