In September 2018, Melbourne Airport released information about per- and poly-fluorinated substances (PFAS) in the Maribyrnong River. 

EPA and Melbourne Water collected water samples to study the extent of contamination. Sampling results showed high levels of PFAS in Deep Creek, next to the airport, and further downstream in the Maribyrnong River. 

We collected and tested fish from six sites, from Deep Creek in Bulla to near the Anglers Tavern, in Maribyrnong. These sites span the freshwater part of the river to the estuarine part of the lower Maribyrnong River. 

We collected several species including: 

  • redfin 
  • carp 
  • short-finned eels 
  • black bream. 

We have issued advice for fish taken from the Maribyrnong catchment

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Reviewed 27 July 2020