Smoke from wood heaters and open fireplaces can pollute the air, especially in colder months. This can be harmful to our health.

The impact of wood smoke on our environment 

Burning wood releases very small particles and gases into the atmosphere. These particles and gases are air pollutants. 

Wood heaters and open fireplaces contribute significantly to air pollution in Victoria. We measure air quality in different parts of the state. Check air quality in your area.

The Australian Government gives more information on woodheaters and woodsmoke. 

The impact of wood smoke on our health 

Air pollution can be harmful to our health. Some people are more vulnerable to wood smoke, including:

  • those with heart or lung conditions
  • pregnant women
  • young children
  • the elderly
  • smokers.

The Better Health Channel gives information on wood fires and breathing problems

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Reviewed 11 May 2020