Residential noise

Annoyed by noise (publication 406)

  • Find tips on dealing with residential noise and noisy neighbours.

Cool air – quietly and efficiently. A guide to buying and operating an air conditioner (publication 1176)

  • A guide for planning, purchasing, and running an air conditioner.

General noise and construction noise guidelines

Noise control guidelines (publication 1254)

  • Guidelines for councils to address a variety of noise issues, including construction sites, deliveries, dog kennels and public address systems.

Noise from large residential subdivision or urban development sites (publication 1264)

  • Find guidance and legislation that applies to noise from subdivision development and construction. This guide is for developers and councils.

Environmental guidelines for major construction sites (publication 480)

  • Guidelines designed for developers and contractors to reduce the environmental impact of their work on residents living nearby.

Commercial and industrial noise

These guidelines support the legislation and policies covering commercial and industrial noise.

A guide to the measurement and analysis of noise (publication 280)

  • This guide covers assessing noise to see if it complies with State Environment Protection Policies (SEPP) covering noise.

Noise from industry in regional Victoria (NIRV) (publication 1411)

  • These guidelines provide methods to set noise levels for industry in regional Victoria.

SEPP N-1 and NIRV explanatory notes (publication 1412)

  • This document explains Victoria’s industry noise standards.

Applying NIRV to proposed and existing industry (publication 1413)

  • This guideline has been designed for regulators applying NIRV.

Music noise from public premises 

Explanatory notes: State Environment Protection Policy (Control of Music Noise from Public Premises) No. N-2

  • This publication explains the SEPP (Control of Music Noise from Public Premises) No. N-2. 

Rural and farm noise

Guidelines on noise from frost fans (publication 1043)

  • This publication covers planning for frost fans, and using them in a way avoid conflict with residential neighbours.

Noise from outdoor shooting ranges (publication 1508)

  • This guide is for councils to use when planning for new shooting ranges, and changes to existing shooting ranges.

Vehicle noise

ESMP data manual 1992 – engine speed at maximum power and noise test engine speeds for vehicles 1970 to 2005 (publication 317)

  • This is the manual we use when enforcing vehicle noise limits.

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