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Waste is any material or substance we don’t use anymore, and we've discarded. Waste can cause pollution when it's not disposed in the right way.

Local councils collect household (municipal) waste and recycling through kerbside collections. If you hire a skip bin to get rid of waste, it’s your responsibility to check that it goes to a licensed receiver or disposal site.

There are schemes to help prevent products like household chemicals and paint going to landfill.

There are special rules for some types of waste. You must manage this waste in the right way, especially if it's:

  • hazardous, like asbestos
  • bushfire waste
  • construction and demolition waste
  • prescribed industrial waste (PIW).

The Victorian Landfill Register lists all currently open and known closed landfills in Victoria. It includes the type and amount of waste accepted. 

You can report pollution and littering to EPA. This might include the dumping of waste on unlicensed properties, tyre stockpiles or rubbish thrown from a vehicle.

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