EPA has a responsibility for asbestos waste in Victoria. This includes regulating: 

  • transport  
  • temporary storage  
  • disposal. 

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and WorkSafe Victoria also regulate asbestos. They give advice on the Asbestos in Victoria website

Our role in transport of waste asbestos 

We control transport of asbestos from industrial sources. This can include:

  • businesses  
  • factories  
  • licensed asbestos removalists.  

EPA’s role in temporary storage of asbestos 

If you want to build a site to store asbestos, you may need an EPA works approval.  

If you have a transfer station or other depot, you may need to register your site with us. 

Our role in asbestos disposal 

When licensed asbestos removalists remove asbestos from people’s homes, we control the removal and transportation.  

We have a register of landfills that accept asbestos in Victoria.  

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Reviewed 7 August 2020