About Class A recycled water

Class A recycled water is derived from wastewater. It is treated to an appropriate standard for high value and high exposure uses. This includes:

  • purple pipe system for residential laundry, toilets and garden use
  • irrigation of open spaces with unrestricted public access
  • irrigation of edible crops for raw or unprocessed consumption
  • other high exposure uses

Recycled water guidelines are currently under review. A new consolidated guideline will replace the related guidelines listed on this page.

Approval and endorsement of Class A recycled water

In Victoria, EPA endorses Class A recycled water schemes, under EPA guidelines.

EPA Victoria is responsible to assess and endorse Class A schemes to:

  • make sure that the water is fit for use
  • the risks to human health and environment are controlled to acceptable levels.

The Department of Health and Human Services’ no longer endorses Class A recycled water schemes.

All Class A recycled water schemes will now require EPA approval and endorsement. Applicants must show the system’s ability to produce Class A or fit-for-purpose quality recycled water consistently and meet water quality objectives. Some recycled water schemes may require endorsement from the Chief Veterinary Officer where there are risks to livestock.

Related EPA guidelines

These guidelines define the roles and responsibilities of suppliers, users and government.

Victorian guideline for water recycling (publication 1910.1)

Technical information for the Victorian guideline for water recycling (publication 1911.1)

Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling (AGWR) provides further information on design and operation of recycled water schemes.

Recycled Water Quality Management Plans (RWQMP)

RWQMP is an important part of Health and Environment Management Plan (HEMP) to manage the quality of the Class A recycled water. Use RWQMP to assess system’s capability. The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)’s Guide for the completion of a recycled water quality management: for Class A water recycling schemes can help to develop and complete RWQMPs for EPA endorsement and approval.

Validating treatment process

The DHHS’s Guidelines for validating treatment processes for pathogen reduction: supporting Class A recycled water schemes in Victoria describe evidence-based approach to validate the treatment process used in Class A schemes.

The validation requirements in the guidelines remain current and are to be used by proponents in preparing their RWQMP for submission to EPA for endorsement and approval.

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Reviewed 15 March 2021