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Onsite wastewater management systems treat, then recycle or dispose of, your property's wastewater.

Wastewater includes greywater (from showers, baths, kitchens, etc.) and blackwater from toilets.

There are laws that apply to using and managing onsite wastewater management systems. These systems must meet the Australian Standard. You must follow the code of practice if you want to operate a septic system. A new code of practice comes into force in December 2020.

When choosing a treatment system, it must be certified under an Australian Standard. Your local council will then approve the use of a particular system for your site. EPA has a list of certified septic tank systems to help you choose the right one.

If you're operating a business at home and generating more than 5,000 L/day of wastewater, you need an EPA licence to operate a wastewater treatment system.

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Reviewed 25 October 2019