29 March

Free digital event.

Time: 2.00pm - 3.30pm

Join us as we launch our 2021 Environmental Science Series with a panel discussion on improving water quality in urban areas. This discussion will focus on changing the public perception of the impact of stormwater on beaches, cities and our communities.  Stormwater management, sustainable water practice and protecting the environment will also feature as part of this session.

Guest Speakers:

Associate Professor Chris Walsh, Principal Research Fellow, School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences, University of Melbourne

Chris Walsh has been working and writing on the effects of land use (particularly urbanisation) on the ecology of streams for 25 years.  Together with Professor Tim Fletcher, Chris leads the Waterway Ecosystem Research Group and is a senior member of the Melbourne Waterway Research Practice Partnership with Melbourne Water. Both groups aim to optimise urban (and other) land and water management for the protection and restoration of running waters.  Current projects include a world-first experiment in restoring the ecological health of a stream through catchment-scale retrofit of urban stormwater drainage.  This project, and Chris’ research more broadly, have led to many high impact publications that have recast the problem of urban stormwater runoff, influencing reforms to urban water management internationally.

Dr Stephanie Lavau, Senior Lecturer, Interdisciplinary Environmental Practice, University of Melbourne

Stephanie is a Senior Lecturer in Interdisciplinary Environmental Practice at the University of Melbourne. Her socio-cultural research focuses on environmental management, knowledge and governance, particularly in relation to urban water. Stephanie leads research on community engagement in waterways management for the Melbourne Waterways Research Practice  Partnership, a collaboration between the University of Melbourne and Melbourne Water.


Professor Tim Fletcher, Professor of Urban Ecohydrology, University of Melbourne

Tim Fletcher is a Professor of Urban Ecohydrology at the University of Melbourne.  He is internationally regarded for his expertise in waterway and stormwater management. His research focus includes urban hydrology, stormwater quality and the design and performance of stormwater treatment and harvesting systems.  Tim co-leads the Melbourne Waterway Research Practice Partnership at the University of Melbourne.  He is an author of the industry-standard Model for Urban Stormwater Improvement Conceptualisation (MUSIC) and in 2011 received a prestigious Australian Research Council Future Fellowship.  Tim is a former Invited Professor at INSA Lyon (2008-9) and is co-chair of the Novatech Conference, one of the leading international conferences on integrated urban water management.

Dr Leon Metzeling, Senior Applied Scientist - Freshwater, Environment Protection Authority Victoria 

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Reviewed 25 February 2021