Incident date
6 January 2020
Locations affected
North East
East Gippsland
South West

Key messages

EPA advises that smoke from bushfires is affecting air quality across Victoria.  

If you see or smell smoke outside, you should stay inside. But only if it’s safe to do so. 

For real-time warnings and information visit VicEmergency

The latest air quality information is available at EPA AirWatch.

General health information is available at smoke and your health.

More information is available at The page includes factsheets on cleaning up a smoke-affected home and the disposal of bushfire waste (including perished stock).

Bushfire Clean-up Program

Registration is now open for the free 2020 Clean-Up Program.

The 2020 Clean-Up Program covers demolition and disposal of buildings. It applies to buildings destroyed or damaged beyond repair by this season's bushfires. It includes:

  • residential homes
  • residential sheds
  • commercial and public buildings
  • other out-buildings.

The Clean-Up Program may also include removing:

  • fencing 
  • trees
  • vehicles.

This only applies if it’s necessary for the safe clean-up of destroyed buildings.

Please register using the online form or by calling 1800 560 760. 

After you register, Grocon will be in contact to discuss. Grocon is the contractor doing the clean-up on behalf of the Victorian Government. You will need to sign a consent form to proceed. 

Licenced contractors engaged in clean-up activities are subject to a compliance code for removing asbestos. This includes strict measures to control dusts that may contain asbestos. It also includes monitoring to confirm the presence of asbestos for occupational health and community safety.

This is a voluntary program and is free of charge for property owners. You don’t need to have insurance to be eligible for this program.

Once you are registered call your Bushfire Recovery Victoria case manager on 1800 560 760 for more information on how to handle any waste from your property, home or business.

Register now or find out more about bushfire recovery in Victoria.

Reviewed 7 January 2020