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EPA’s public litter reporting service was the first of its kind in Australia. It enables members of the public to report people who throw litter from a Victorian-registered motor vehicle to EPA Victoria.

Roadside litter laws

Section 45G of the Environment Protection Act 1970 states that a vehicle’s registered owner will be deemed guilty of littering if they dispose of litter incorrectly (such as by throwing it out of a window). Report on the go or register to report litter online.

As a result of this service, more than 20,000 people are reported to EPA every year.

Approximately 86 per cent of litter fines EPA issues relate to lit and unlit cigarette butts being thrown from vehicles. Food packaging, drink containers and poorly secured rubbish are also among the reports received.

EPA thanks members of the community who take the time to report people who break the law by littering.

Roadside litter costs

The cost of litter has an impact on every Victorian – the annual cleanup bill costs the community around $80 million.

Page last updated on 26 Feb 2019