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Local government litter prevention officers program

In August 2011, the Minister for Environment and Climate Change announced more than $1m in funding for a dedicated local government litter prevention officers program

The local government litter prevention officers program is a competitive, merit-based grant program focused on building the capacity of local councils to recruit litter prevention officers.

The program aims to:

  • contribute to a reduction in littering through targeted communications, education and enforcement activities
  • increase litter enforcement activities by local councils by increasing the number of local government litter prevention officers across Victoria
  • build the capacity of councils to educate business and the community to understand the problem and impact of litter and their responsibility
  • provide additional support for litter enforcement within councils (not replace existing resources)
  • build a business case for council to provide an ongoing litter prevention officer position.

Grant announcements

After an internal evaluation panel conducted by EPA, the Minister announced the following successful applicants:

  • Bass Coast Shire Council, South Gippsland Shire Council
  • Northern Grampians Shire Council, Ararat Rural City Council, Horsham Rural City Council, Yarriambiack Shire Council
  • Wellington Shire Council, East Gippsland Shire Council
  • Mildura Rural City Council
  • City of Greater Dandenong
  • City of Darebin
  • City of Kingston
  • Manningham City Council
  • Shire of Melton.

Applications for this funding closed in March 2011.

FAQs about the litter prevention officers program + Expand all Collapse all

  • What is the local government litter prevention officers program?

    The local government litter prevention officers program is a Victorian Government initiative to support local government by allocating $1.6m of funding to employ a number of local government litter prevention officers.

  • Who was eligible to apply?

    Funding under this grant was available to all Victorian local councils.

  • What level of funding was available?

    There was no predetermined limit to the amount of financial support available from the fund. However, the level of funding sought was to reflect the extent to which the proposal met the objectives of the fund and the capacity of the council to support the proposal.

  • What is not funded?

    Retrospective activities: councils’ current litter enforcement arrangements. Identifying and documenting the environmental impacts of littering.

  • What is the duration of the fund?

    Successful applicants are being funded to employ litter prevention officers for two years.

  • Who did funding recipients sign a contract with?

    EPA Victoria.

  • What level of support is available to the litter prevention officers during the program?

    EPA organised a training session for the all litter prevention officers employed through the program in mid-2011. Ongoing support to the employed officers (such as providing advice and guidance, or answering questions) is provided through EPA’s litter enforcement program officer.

  • Was EPA Victoria involved in recruitment of the litter prevention officers?

    No. Successful applicants are in charge of the recruitment process and were required to employ litter prevention officers by 1 July 2011.

  • Has EPA assisted with training the litter prevention officers?

    Yes. EPA organised an induction training session for all LPOs employed through this initiative. The session was run in July 2011.

  • What is a cluster application?

    Two or more councils could decide to form a partnership and prepare a joint application to employ one of more litter prevention officers and form a task force for the assigned council area.

  • How can I find more information?

    Further information about the local government litter prevention officers program can be obtained by emailing or by contacting EPA.

Page last updated on 20 Jan 2015