You must submit landfill levy statements to EPA quarterly. Submit the fourth quarter statement (April to June) as an annual statement.

If you did not receive waste during the reporting period, it is important to lodge a nil statement with EPA. The online system will accept zero tonnage amounts for this purpose.

Read the Landfill levy quick reference guide (PDF 1.0MB) or the frequently asked questions below for help on using the EPA Interaction Portal to submit landfill levy statements.

See portal help for more information.

Read more about landfill and prescribed industrial waste levies.

  • What are the different statuses in the landfill levy search criteria?

    When you are searching for historic statements, you can narrow down the results by selecting a status from the dropdown menu.

    • ‘New’ means a statement that is awaiting submission to EPA.
    • ‘Certified’ means a statement that has been completed and submitted by the duty-holder (landfill operator).
    • ‘Under Assessment’ means a statement that has been submitted to EPA and is undergoing a review.
    • ‘Awaiting DH Response’ means a statement that has been submitted, and EPA has requested further information from the duty-holder.
    • ‘Approved’ means a statement that is approved for a refund from EPA.
    • ‘Finalised’ means a statement that has been assessed and closed out.
  • Do I need to provide more information in the new landfill levy system?

    Landfill levy statements submitted through the Portal use Adobe interactive forms. While they may look a little different than statements submitted through the previous system, the information required is essentially the same.

    The interactive forms have dropdown fields, some of which are mandatory (red), which contain information linked to your licence. Depending on answers you provide at the start of the form – for example, was waste deposited under a 30A approval – you may be required to fill in additional sections.

    There is one new section that all landfill owners need to complete: trends and influences on landfill disposal. Please respond to these questions to the best of your knowledge.

  • Who should I get to sign off on my landfill levy statement?

    A signed copy of a statement must be attached in the system before EPA will consider the statement to be complete. 

    Annual statements must be signed by the CEO (or highest Australian-based representative), whereas quarterly statements can be signed by a delegated officer.

  • Why can't I enter recycling tonnages in the landfill levy quarterly statements?

    Where a licence holder can demonstrate that waste has been recycled, a rebate on the landfill levy may apply. This rebate is only claimable on annual payments.

    To claim a rebate, the licence-holder must supply details of the amount of waste (in tonnes) removed for recycling and the date when it was removed from the premises. For information on the supporting evidence that must be supplied when claiming a rebate, refer to Calculating the landfill levy and recycling rebates (publication 332).

  • What if I make a mistake in my landfill levy statement?

    Please ensure that the data included in your quarterly landfill levy statements is correct. Once a statement is submitted, its status becomes certified and the data cannot be changed.

    If you realise that an error has been made in a certified statement – for example, municipal waste tonnes received – there are two ways that the data can be updated. If the error is minor, an adjustment can be made in the annual statement. If the error is significant and should be fixed immediately, an adjustment process will need to be initiated by EPA. Please contact EPA on 1300 372 842 (1300 EPA VIC) if you require an adjustment to be made in relation to a certified statement.

  • How can I print a copy of my landfill levy statement?

    You can print a copy of your statement at any stage by clicking on the printer icon in the Adobe toolbar. The printer icon is the third from the left.
  • How do I attach documents to my landfill levy statement?

    To attach documents to your landfill levy statement, such as a signed copy of the statement or recycling receipts, click on the paperclip icon on the right-hand side horizontal menu. You will then see the ‘Attachments’ submenu. Click on the fourth icon (a paperclip with a star) to open the ‘Add files’ box. You can then browse and select the relevant attachments from your computer.

    To see an image related to attachments, please refer to our Landfill levy quick reference guide (PDF 1.0MB).

Reviewed 21 August 2020