Read the frequently asked questions below for help on using the EPA Interaction Portal to view or download your licence.

See portal help for more information.

  • What are the different statuses in the licence search criteria?

    Your current licence is available for download through the Portal. In future, as it is updated, you may be able to search for old versions of your licence and/or applications by selecting a status from the dropdown menu:

    • ‘Draft’ is a licence application that has been generated by EPA, either at the instigation of EPA or the duty holder.
    • ‘In Progress’ is a licence application that is currently being assessed by EPA.
    • ‘Approved/Issued’ is your current licence.
    • ‘Historical’ are expired versions of licences.
    • ‘Refused’ is a licence application that has been rejected by EPA.
    • ‘Withdrawn/Cancelled’ is a licence application that has been either withdrawn by the duty holder or cancelled by EPA.
    • ‘Suspend’ is a licence that has been suspended by EPA.
    • ‘Surrender’ is a licence that has been surrendered by the duty holder.
  • Has my licence number changed?

    In some cases, you may see a different licence number from what you are used to. The new licence numbers are allocated by our system and they no longer have a prefix (e.g. ES, SW or EA). The change in number occurs as your licence is amended or updated.

    Eventually all licences will have new licence numbers.

  • When will corporate licences be available through the Portal?

    Corporate licences are now referred to as amalgamated licences. Amalgamated Licences are also now available through the Portal.

    The prefix ‘CL’ is no longer used in the licence number and the numerical digits are also changing. This change has an impact on organisations that use paper waste transport certificates. Such organisations should now use the individual premises reference number when completing Part C of a certificate, rather than the old corporate licence number.

Reviewed 2 June 2020