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Register to use electronic waste transport certificates

Electronic certificates submitted until 30 June 2021 are free of charge.

Every producer, transporter and receiver using waste transport certificates must register on the EPA Interaction Portal.

To register:

  1. Visit the EPA Interaction Portal (EPA Portal).
  2. Select the “Create Account” link found below the login fields.
  3. Select “Register on behalf of a business” even if you are a sole trader.
  4. Follow the steps of entering a business email address, and the verification process.

Refer to the EPA Portal guide (PDF) on the EPA Portal help page.

System requirements to use the EPA portal

You must use a desktop computer operating Internet Explorer with Adobe Reader 11 or higher to access the portal.

Forms are not compatible with Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

Forms are not accessible via mobile devices.

Registration for EPA Portal access is not immediate. It may take a couple of days to create your account. We’ll send a confirmation email to the email address you used to register.

You can contact our Customer Service Team on 1300 372 842 (1300 EPA VIC) for help registering for the EPA Portal. Remember that you have seven days from the date of the waste transportation to complete and submit the waste transport certificate.

How to prevent unused certificates from becoming overdue

Changes to the WTC form have been introduced to collect more meaningful information. The changes are intended to reduce the number of certificates becoming overdue by collecting new dates and details. Learn more about updates to waste transport certificate forms.

Q&As about waste transport certificates

  • Why is EPA is switching to electronic waste transport certificates?

    To improve tracking of production, movement and receipt of prescribed industrial waste, EPA is investing $5.5 million to switch to an electronic tracking system.

    The new system will allow EPA to monitor the movement of waste more quickly and accurately. This will help to prevent potential harm to Victorians and the environment by intervening earlier.

    EPA phased out all paper certificates by 1 July 2019, making sure all certificates are recorded electronically.

    The transition to electronic submission of waste transport certificates marks the first phase in the implementation of EPA’s new waste tracking tool. Its release will be part of the transition to the new Environment Protection Amendment Act 2018 that is intended to take effect on 1 July 2021.

    Duty holders must submit waste transport certificates electronically through the EPA Portal.

    EPA is committed to supporting you to transition to electronic waste transport certificates and use the EPA Portal. You can contact us on 1300 372 842 (1300 EPA VIC) for further help.

  • Why can't I buy paper WTCs?

    EPA no longer issues paper waste transport certificates for moving prescribed industrial waste (PIW) within Victoria.

    Since 1 July 2019, duty holders have needed to register for the EPA Portal and use electronic waste transport certificates.

    EPA’s new waste tracking system, Waste Tracker, will replace current waste transport certificates from 1 July 2021.  Refer to the Waste tracker page for more information about its features.

  • What do I do with my unused paper WTC books?

    Refunds for unused paper waste transport certificates have ended.

    Unused books can still be returned free of charge to:

    Reply Paid 4395
    EPA Victoria
    Paper WTC
    GPO Box 4395
    Melbourne VIC 8060.

  • How do I request a new EPA Portal account?

    To set up a new Portal account, follow these steps: 

    1. Visit the EPA Portal
    2. Select the “Create Account” link found below the login fields. 
    3. Select “Register on behalf of a business” even if you are a sole trader.
    4. Follow the steps of entering a business email address, and the verification process. 

    It may take a couple of days to create your account.

    The registered email address will receive a confirmation email once the registration is complete.

  • What information do I need to provide in the electronic transport certificate system?

    The information requirements for electronic waste transport certificates are the same as paper waste transport certificates.

    The interactive forms have drop down fields, some of which are mandatory. For an overview of the waste transport certificate process see EPA Portal help.

  • Which waste code should I use on my waste transport certificate?

    The Environment Protection Act 1970 defines waste as, “Any matter, whether solid, liquid, gaseous or radioactive, that is discharged, emitted or deposited in the environment in such volume, constituency or manner as to cause an alteration of the environment.” This means any materials you create or produce and then release into the environment in a big enough amount to change or harm the environment.

    The Industrial Waste Resource Regulations specify that you must include a valid waste code for the material that is being transported. 

    A list of approved waste codes can be found in Waste codes (publication IWRG822). If you can't identify which waste code to use please contact us on 1300 372 842 (1300 EPA VIC).

  • How can I check waste transport certificates I’ve created?

    The EPA Portal allows you to easily find how many waste transport certificates your organisation has created and submitted.

    When you click on the ‘Change or review an existing certificate’ link, you’ll be taken to the search page. Here you can search for all certificates submitted in the last two years. You can narrow down the results using a range of criteria.

    You can sort the search results using the headings. Click on a heading, for example, ‘Status’. This will let you sort the results in ascending or descending order.

    You can export all results to Microsoft Excel by clicking on the ‘Export to spreadsheet’ button. This is in the top right-hand corner of the results table.

    To open an individual certificate, click on the ‘Attachment’ link. This will open the file as a PDF document in a new window.

  • Why cant I see my waste transport certificate number?

    When you first create a certificate, the certificate number is blank. Submitting Part A will generate the number.

    To save a certificate as a draft, click on the ‘Save as draft’ button on page 2. You can’t save your document into the EPA Portal system by clicking on the ‘Save’ icon at the top of the page.

  • Who should be the emergency contact on waste transport certificates?

    In Part A of each waste transport certificate, you must nominate an emergency contact. The dropdown list will show your name and may also show other people from your organisation.

    Select the most appropriate person to be an emergency contact. Make sure you provide the correct phone number.

    If the phone number showing in your certificate is incorrect, or if you need to change other account details, email wastecert@epa.vic.gov.au.

    If the contact details for another person are incorrect, they must be updated by the account holder.

    If you know someone in your organisation with an account has left, please contact EPA on 1300 372 842 (1300 EPA VIC) to have the account deactivated.

  • How can I create a template for my waste transport certificates?

    If you regularly transport the same type of waste, with the same receiver and disposal options, you can save time by using a waste transport certificate template.

    You can create a certificate template by entering in the details and submitting Part A. An option will appear to ‘Save as template’. You can click this button after submitting Part A or B.

    Alternatively, you can ask EPA to make you a template. Save Part A of a waste transport certificate as a draft with all of the required information, then send this certificate number to wastecert@epa.vic.gov.au.

    If you have any questions please contact EPA on 1300 372 842 (1300 EPA VIC).

  • How can I easily find my proposed transporter or receiver for my waste transport certificate?

    Tap the first letter of the proposed receiver/transporter company name and you will be able to scroll through all of the companies starting with that letter.
  • Why do I receive an error when I try to submit Part B of my waste transport certificate?

    Part B of waste transport certificates must include the details of the waste transporter. 

    When entering the vehicle registration details, don’t include a space between the letters and numbers.

    Right: VNN000 

    Wrong: VNN 000

    The vehicle used for transportation must be licensed by EPA to transport prescribed industrial waste. 

    If you have named a transporter in part A and that transporter has changed, you will still be able to enter another company’s vehicle details but you will receive a pop-up message that highlights the difference.  

    If you still receive an error when submitting Part B, please contact EPA on 1300 372 842 (1300 EPA VIC).

  • How long does it take to create and submit a waste transport certificate?

    If you have all the details on hand, it should take no longer than a minute to create and submit Part A of a new waste transport certificate. It will take less time if you are using an existing template. You can create waste transport certificates as new or from an existing waste stream template.

    If you select a new template, you will need to enter details in all drop-down fields of Part A.

    If you choose to create a certificate from an existing template, most details will be pre-filled. You will only need to enter details of the waste group before being able to submit Part A.

    If you’ve been inactive in the EPA Portal for longer than 30 minutes, you may see a ‘timeout’ error. You’ll have to login again to start a new session before you can create and submit certificates.

  • Can waste transporters continue to provide WTCs on behalf of waste producers (and complete the certificate at the time of collection)?

    EPA's preferred approach is that all waste producers are registered in the portal and complete and submit Part A of waste transport certificates.

    EPA recognises that business operating models vary, therefore transporters may complete and submit Parts A and B of a WTC, providing they:

    • provide producers with the information for Parts A and B before they move the waste
    • record the producer’s details in the ‘producer comment’ field in Part A.
  • How can I make urgent changes or corrections to an electronic WTC?

    Where you require urgent amendments to an electronic waste transport certificate (WTC), EPA suggests creating a new electronic WTC, and emailing wastecert@epa.vic.gov.au to arrange cancellation of the initial WTC with the error.

    EPA requires the cancellation request in writing. We can’t process the request via the phone to the Customer Service Team.

    Find out how to amend a WTC if waste has been transported and Part B of the waste transport certificate has already been submitted. This page includes information about who can request an amendment on a WTC, and what information you may need to supply.

    Overdue waste transport certificates

    From early 2021, EPA will not accept overdue waste transport certificates. EPA will escalate its response to those who fail to comply with the Environment Protection (Industrial Waste Resource) Regulations 2009 (the Regulations). Failure to complete a waste transport certificate within seven days of receiving waste is an offence under the Regulations. Providing incorrect information on a waste transport certificate is also an offence. These offences carry penalties of up to $3,643.84 per waste transport certificate.

    How do I avoid creating overdue waste transport certificates?

    You should only submit Part B only when you have verified:

    • all the required information is correct, and
    • the certificate will be used to transport waste.

    The author can amend details in Part A and B can be up to the point at which Part B is submitted.

    If your company creates waste transport certificates the day before they move waste, you should only submit Parts A and B for certificates for transport. Leave the remainder as Part B draft.

    To clear unused waste transport certificates, companies should make weekly cancellation submissions to wastecert@epa.vic.gov.au. This is only for unused transport waste where Part B has been submitted and/or is overdue.

  • How can I cancel an electronic WTC?

    Find out how to cancel a WTC. The page includes information about who can cancel a WTC, and what information you need to supply.

  • Movement of controlled waste from interstate to Victoria

    The National Environment Protection (Movement of Controlled Waste between States and Territories) Measure (NEPM) manages the movement of controlled waste from interstate to Victoria.

    Movement of controlled waste into Victoria (publication IWGR831) provides requirements for moving controlled waste to Victoria from interstate. The application form is available on the waste transport forms page.

    Use electronic waste transport certificates via the EPA Portal to record movements. It’s under ‘create a new certificate – transporting from interstate’. You can also use paper interstate waste transport certificates from the waste origin’s authority. You can scan and email the white carbon copy of the paper waste transport certificate. Send to wastecert@epa.vic.gov.au.

  • Movement of prescribed industrial waste from Victoria to interstate

    The interstate movement of prescribed industrial waste (PIW) from Victoria is managed under both:

    Movement of industrial waste from Victoria (publication IWGR832) provides requirements for the movement of PIW from Victoria. The application form is available on the waste transport forms page.

    You can purchase certificate books for the interstate movement of PIW from EPA. Call our customer service team on  1300 372 842 (1300 EPA VIC).

  • What are accredited agents?

    An accredited agent is a person or company authorised to act on behalf of a waste producer for certain types of waste. They become responsible for the waste in place of the producer. In many cases, an accredited agent is also a waste transporter. 

    An accredited agent fills out parts A and B of a waste transport certificate. They can use one certificate for the collection of waste from multiple producers. Using an accredited agent can simplify waste transport for waste producers with smaller quantities of certain types waste.

    The Accredited agent application form (publication IWRG812) is available via the EPA website, including the application process, waste code limitations, and details of supporting documentation. The application assessment period for new accredited agents may take up to six months.

    For more information please contact the EPA on 1300 372 842 (1300 EPA VIC) or email wasteissues@epa.vic.gov.au

  • What are the system requirements and how do I check errors in the EPA Portal?

    System requirements and settings:

    • Use Internet Explorer. If using a Windows 10, set Internet Explorer as the default.).
    • Install Adobe Reader 11.
    • Add EPA as a trusted site.
    • Enable Java.

    Common errors include:

    • A blank screen showing in place of the Waste Transport Certificate PDF document.
    • The error message "No authorisation for input" when selecting details for Part C of a waste transport certificate.

    See portal help and troubleshooting for more information.

    Contact EPA on 1300 372 842 (1300 EPA VIC) for help.

  • Emergency waste transport certificates

    Where you are unable to create an electronic waste transport certificate.(for example local computer system issues, non-supported Mac computers, or a EPA Portal outage), you can get an emergency waste transport certificate by contacting EPA on 1300 372 842.

    Emergency waste transport certificates are for single use only. They include a unique identifier.

    EPA issues emergency waste transport certificates via email, as an editable PDF document. Once the waste producer or waste transporter has completed Part B of the emergency waste transport certificate, email copies to wastecert@epa.vic.gov.au. Once the waste receiver has completed Part C of the emergency waste transport certificate email copies are to wastecert@epa.vic.gov.au. Once EPA receives all three completed Parts of the emergency waste transport certificate, it will be available on the portal.

    More instructions will be in the issuing email. For help contact EPA on 1300 372 842 or contact@epa.vic.gov.au.

Reviewed 21 April 2021