Compliance and enforcement

Annual Compliance Plan 2012–13

Effective environmental regulation is about being consistent in approach and being transparent, targeted and predictable.

EPA’s Annual Compliance Plan 2012–13 clearly states where, what and how EPA will direct its compliance and inspection resources to protect the environment. It also articulates how EPA’s 5 Year Plan priorities will be delivered over the year.

For this financial year, EPA will double the number of inspections it undertakes along with more proactive and unannounced inspections of all sites, licensed or otherwise. All inspections, including response to community reports, will be prioritised based on the risk activities pose to the environment.

EPA has targeted industry sites sectors and businesses based on its understanding of their compliance level and the risk they pose to the environment and the community.

The plan highlights who EPA is targeting and provides business with an opportunity to review, and if necessary, correct environmental performance prior to an inspection by EPA.

EPA will monitor its performance against the Annual Compliance Plan 2012–13 and report on its activities throughout the year.

Page last updated on 13 Aug 2014