Compliance and enforcement

Annual Compliance Plan 2013–14

The Annual Compliance Plan 2013–14 describes how the compliance aspects of EPA’s 5 Year Plan and Annual Plan 2013–14 will be delivered.

This year EPA will conduct 3000 field inspections and 1800 desk-based assessments to meet our compliance objectives. All activities described in the plan have been prioritised by the risk they pose to the environment and community.

These activities include:

  • assessments to support our strategic priorities
  • inspecting licensed sites
  • assessing contaminated environments
  • assessing regulatory programs and statutory approvals
  • ensuring that formerly licensed closed landfills are being managed appropriately
  • responding to high-risk pollution reports.

The plan gives businesses the opportunity to understand what EPA will focus on in 2013–14 and therefore improve their environmental performance in anticipation of a visit by EPA.

Page last updated on 2 Sep 2014