Compliance and enforcement

End-of-year results

As part of EPA’s commitment to being a transparent and accountable regulator, it is publicly reporting on the work EPA officers have done and how the organisation has performed against the targets in the 2013 –14 Annual Compliance Plan (ACP). EPA’s results are summarised below.

Annual Compliance Plan targets  2013–14 Result Status
100% of inspected sites that have an identified operator receive an inspection report 100% of inspected sites have received a report Achieved
90% notices complied with by due date or escalated* in line with Compliance and Enforcement Policy 94% of notices complied or have been escalated Achieved
100 inspections related to construction, demolition and skip-bin hire businesses 102 inspections complete Achieved
52 remedial notices served to address illegal dumping 119 remedial notices issued Achieved
300 licensed sites inspected 323 inspections complete Achieved
100% of Annual Performance Statements (APSs) reviewed 100% of APSs reviewed Achieved
50 detailed APS audits completed (desktop or site-based) 27 inspections, 11 desktop audits complete Did not achieve
30 targeted inspections relating to waste certificates, National Pollutant Inventory (NPI) or annual performance statements (APSs) 15 inspections complete Did not achieve
30 closed, previously licensed landfills inspected with reformed notices issued 32 sites inspected, 19 sites issued notices Did not achieve
130 high-risk notices on the Priority Sites Register inspected 230 notices inspected Achieved
95% of incidents requiring immediate attendance inspected 99% of incidents attended Achieved
90% of incidents requiring planned attendance inspected 97% of incidents attended Achieved

Page last updated on 2 Sep 2014