Compliance and enforcement

Major industrial facilities

Major industries are those that generate large volumes of waste, discharge high volumes of emissions or treated effluent, store large volumes of chemicals or hazardous materials or are large energy generators. Many of these sites will have existing EPA licence conditions and may already be identified as major hazard facilities. This may also include some of the large manufacturers that are ceasing or reducing their operations in Victoria and have the potential to leave considerable environmental legacies from past operations.

What will EPA focus on?

In 2014–15 EPA will inspect a number of major industry sites, both licensed and unlicensed, across a range of industries. These inspections will have a strong focus on the environmental management systems that underpin operations, the efficacy of environmental monitoring programs, and the performance and adequacy of environmental controls consistent with the risks of that industry and any relevant State environment protection policies. The inspections will takes an audit-based approach.

What can you do?

  • Be familiar with the environmental risks associated with your facility and the key controls required to manage these risks
  • Ensure your monitoring program is well targeted
  • Ensure that you are familiar with EPA licence and notice requirements
  • Have a plan to manage your compliance. Consider seeking professional advice where needed
  • Implement systems to determine if and when your sites activities are not complying with your licence, permission or relevant standards.
  • Undertake an internal audit of your environmental management system and address any deficiencies.

Page last updated on 1 Sep 2014