Compliance and enforcement

Post-closure landfill management

If managed poorly, landfills can pose a significant risk to the environment for decades after they close. EPA has a particular focus on the rehabilitation and ongoing aftercare management of closed landfills. In 2012–13 EPA initiated a coordinated program to look at the management of closed landfills that were licensed or regulated under a notice. 2014–15 is the third year of a four-year staged program of reviewing the status of closed landfills across the state. The program provides the transition from an operating licence to the ongoing management required for a closed landfill. Closed landfills are managed through a post-closure pollution abatement notice (PC PAN).

What is EPA focusing on?

EPA will inspect and review the performance of 27 closed landfills across the state which were previously licensed or have a remedial notice. EPA will also continue to inspect other closed landfills depending on risk assessments, and where notice compliance due dates fall within 2014–15. Inspections will focus on: ensuring that strategies for the long-term management of actual or potential environmental impacts are in place; the progress or status of rehabilitation; the management and monitoring of landfill gas; assessing how leachate is being managed and its impacts on groundwater; and what stormwater controls are in place. Some inspections will start the process towards issuing a reformed PC PAN that will ensure aftercare management is proportionate to the risks posed by the site.

What can you do?

If you are responsible for a closed landfill:

  • ensure you continue to manage environmental risks and impacts
  • ensure you comply with your existing PC PAN requirements
  • if the landfill has recently closed, ensure you comply with the licence and any other notice issued for the site
  • ensure that the latest information is available with respect to the status of rehabilitation, monitoring results, environmental assessment and/or audit reports, along with details of the ongoing aftercare management for the site.
  • if you have known compliance issues on any closed landfills, you should immediately notify EPA on 1300 372 842 (1300 EPA VIC).


  • The Closed landfill guidelines (publication 1490) details the reformed PC PAN process, all notice requirements and what each requirement means.

Page last updated on 10 Jan 2018