Compliance and enforcement

Regulatory programs

A coordinates a number of national and state programs directed at businesses and individuals to ensure wastes are appropriately managed and do not impact on the environment. EPA will assess compliance with these programs, require identified non-compliances to be fixed and, where appropriate, collect evidence to take enforcement action.

What will EPA focus on?

National Pollutant Inventory (NPI)

The NPI is a national program requiring many businesses to report their emissions of a range of substances. Ten sites will be selected for an onsite audit of their NPI reporting to verify the integrity of their data.

Waste transport

Hazardous waste must be managed in accordance with Victorian regulations and there is a responsibility on waste producers, transporters and receivers to meet their obligations. EPA will carry out both scheduled and unannounced inspections of permitted vehicles (including roadside operations) with a particular focus on non-compliance with waste transport requirements.

Landfill levy

On behalf of the Victorian Government, licensed landfills in Victoria must collect and pay to EPA a levy on every tonne of waste disposed at the premises.

Financial assurances

A financial assurance is a security that has to be submitted for certain types of activities. During 2014–15 EPA will implement updated financial assurance requirements. EPA will focus on obtaining adequate financial assurances on the sites that are required to maintain one. As part of this implementation process EPA will focus on compliance with waste storage requirements as well as reviewing contamination risks posed by sites. Inspections may be targeted to assess these issues.

Ballast water management

All ships visiting Victorian ports are required to submit ballast water declarations and obtain EPA approval for any discharge of domestic ballast. EPA assesses all submitted reports and will take enforcement action where reports have not been submitted on time. Accredited vessels may be subject to an inspection each year. In addition, 10 per cent of the estimated 3,000 non-accredited ships visiting Victorian ports will be inspected.

Motor vehicle emissions

The owners of vehicles that have been identified by EPA officers or Victoria Police as being too noisy or smoky are issued with a notice requiring them to have their vehicle tested at an EPA-approved testing facility. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in EPA imposing registration suspensions on the vehicles. EPA will be involved in at least 12 roadside operations with Victoria Police to target noisy and smoky vehicles.

What can you do?

  • Ensure you are meeting any legal requirements or standards set out in the regulations.
  • Ensure you have adequate controls and documentation about those controls for an officer to review.
  • Ensure your reports are accurate and submitted on time.
  • If you believe you have incorrectly transported or received waste, you should contact EPA on 1300 EPA VIC. For further information and guidance, see EPA’s website.


Page last updated on 22 Mar 2017