Compliance and enforcement

Strategic compliance projects for 2014–15

Strategic activities aim to address potential environmental harms or resolve priority long-standing compliance issues by using a variety of different approaches. Complex environmental problems cannot always be solved using traditional compliance approaches and often projects will run over several years and require input from EPA’s many areas. The strategic projects detailed in this document will employ a combination of elements identified in EPA’s operating model.

The strategic compliance programs will support EPA’s six focus areas identified in 2012–13 through a risk identification process, which EPA will focus on until 2016:

  1. Contaminated environments (land and groundwater)
  2. Illegal waste disposal
  3. Landfills
  4. Organic waste
  5. Residential encroachment on critical industries
  6. Stormwater contamination.

For more information about how these areas were chosen and what we are doing to address them, refer to our Annual Plan 2014–15.

EPA will deliver several statewide and regional strategic projects associated with these six areas. We will also address priority regional pollution and compliance problems through our strategic compliance activities.

Statewide strategic initiatives consider broader issues that have the potential to impact the environment in a similar way across the state, or where an industry-wide compliance approach is required.

Page last updated on 1 Sep 2014