Compliance and enforcement

Illegal waste disposal

Illegal waste disposal threatens Victoria’s high standard of waste management and recycling and increases the risk to the environment. When wastes are not disposed of appropriately, using the correct disposal, reuse or recycling facilities, it also hinders development in the legitimate waste industry. Government-sponsored investment in waste management is also reduced due to lost landfill levies.

Reducing illegal waste disposal is a key goal in the Victorian Government’s Getting Full Value – The Victorian Waste and Resource Recovery Policy (Department of Environment and Primary Industries). EPA’s role in meeting this key goal is through compliance and enforcement activities, behaviour change programs and sharing our knowledge and intelligence with government partners and the industry.

What is EPA focusing on?

EPA’s illegal waste disposal program is in its early development phase. It encompasses projects targeting:

  • the management of waste tyre storage in Victoria
  • the interstate transport of waste
  • illegal dumping through the Illegal Dumping Strike Force, with a focus on the management of construction and demolition waste in Victoria.

These projects will provide EPA with a better understanding of illegal waste disposal activity across the state. It will also hold those who engage in illegal waste practices to account, whilst supporting viable markets for recovery and reuse. This will be enabled through appropriate EPA regulatory tools.

What can you do?

If you are generating, accepting, managing or transporting quantities of commercial waste, you should take responsibility and ensure you are working within the law.

  • Be familiar with EPA’s guidelines on waste management, transport and disposal
  • Ensure you are managing wastes in accordance with these guidelines
  • Ensure that your sub-contractors are able to provide EPA with evidence of appropriate disposal
  • If you are a site receiving wastes or collecting materials for reprocessing or recycling to another market, you must act in accordance with the law


Illegal Dumping Strike Force program

The Illegal Dumping Strike Force (IDSF) is a continuing program of strategic identification, investigation, and compliance and enforcement activities applied to the systemic and large-scale dumping of industrial wastes that is carried out to avoid the costs of legal disposal of these wastes.

Due to the systemic nature of illegal dumping across jurisdictions and the closeknit relationships within the waste industry, the program is developing relationships with other co-regulatory authorities such as WorkSafe, Victoria Police, the Australian Tax Office and New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland environment authorities. Through these relationships and our informants, EPA is building an intelligence base to identify patterns of organised, illegal activity and identifying priority targets for enforcement action.

What is EPA focusing on?

Reducing illegal dumping in Victoria requires a balanced program of reactive compliance and enforcement, behaviour change and intelligence development. These activities are core to EPA’s IDSF program. In 2014–15 the program will be structured to deliver three key objectives:

  1. Compliance and enforcement – EPA will continue to investigate illegal dumping programs and sites, and issue the appropriate notices and sanctions in accordance with EPA’s Compliance and Enforcement Policy.
  2. Behaviour change – EPA will work with stakeholders such as local government and key industries to achieve a change in illegal dumping behaviour.
  3. Knowledge and intelligence – EPA will use available information to target individuals and companies known or suspected to be operating illegally in an organised manner while also building our understanding of illegal dumping behaviours.

Page last updated on 2 Jan 2018