Compliance and enforcement

Summary of activities

EPA’s compliance activities fall under three broad categories: strategic projects, compliance maintenance and pollution response. Each category requires a different approach to risk assessment, resource allocation and problem solving.

In addition, officers across EPA will allocate time to achieving compliance outcomes using engagement, targeted campaigns and collaborative approaches if they determine these approaches to be the most effective methods. In 2014–15:

  • Thirty per cent of our work will be directed towards strategic compliance activities
  • Forty per cent of our work will be allocated to maintaining compliance oversight of statutory tools and programs regulated by EPA, including checking compliance with notices
  • Thirty per cent of our work will be allocated to responding to high-risk pollution incidents.
The 2014-14 ACP will concentrate 30% on pollution response, 30% on strategic projects and 40% on compliance maintenance

Figure 2: Planned proportion of EPA’s compliance and enforcement work in 2014–15

We recognise that we cannot predict all compliance and enforcement requirements at the beginning of the year. The overall allocation will be reassessed through the year to account for any changes in priorities or resources; however, we have estimated we have the capacity to complete approximately 3,500 compliance inspections and associated follow-up compliance and enforcement activity in accordance with our Compliance and Enforcement Policy during 2014–15.

Page last updated on 2 Sep 2014