Compliance and enforcement

Annual Compliance Plan performance targets for 2014–15

EPA sets public targets within the Annual Compliance Plan and reports semi-annually on how we are performing against them. Key targets are summarised in the table below.

For information on targets relating to the broader activities EPA is undertaking in 2014–15, see our Annual Plan 2014–15.

Compliance area Activity 2014–15 targets and goals
Compliance maintenance Licences 100% of licensed sites will have received a licence compliance inspection in the last three years.
Compliance maintenance Annual performance statements (APSs) 1. All APSs reviewed and compared to information held by EPA.
2. 30 detailed site-based assessments of APSs.
Compliance maintenance Regulatory programs 60 targeted inspections resulting from intelligence from waste transport certificates, annual performance statements, NPI, landfill levies or financial assurances.
Pollution response Pollution and emergency response 1. 95% of incidents requiring immediate attendance (high environmental risk/likelihood of detection and mitigation) inspected.
2. 90% of incidents requiring planned attendance (moderate environmental risk/ likelihood of detection and mitigation) inspected.
Compliance maintenance Statutory approvals and permissions 1. All works approvals, RD&Ds and exemptions will be assessed for completion of works upon duty holder notification.
2. 90% of high-risk 30A emergency discharge approvals will be inspected.
Compliance maintenance Closed landfills (previously licensed or with a notice) 27 closed landfills inspected.
Compliance maintenance Notice follow-up 90% of notices complied with by due date or escalated in line with the Compliance and Enforcement Policy.
Compliance maintenance Inspections 100% of inspected sites that have an identified operator receive an inspection report.

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