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Tullamarine landfill

The closed and rehabilitated Tullamarine landfill is located in Western Avenue, in the suburb of Melbourne Airport, and is owned by Transpacific Industries Group Ltd (TPI). TPI closed the landfill on 13 May 2008 but is still responsible for the long-term, ongoing aftercare management of the landfill.

TPI operated the landfill under EPA licence HS346 until December 2009, when EPA replaced the licence with a post-closure pollution abatement notice (4 December 2009; PDF 290KB). This required TPI to develop and implement several EPA-approved management plans for the long-term monitoring and management of the site. These updated plans are:

A recent LNAPL (light non-aqueous phase liquid) extraction trial and a hydrogeological assessment were conducted under an EPA notice. The final reports are:

EPA is reviewing these reports and will make a determination on the need for long-term management of LNAPL.

These are the most recent technical reports for the closed landfill:

For historic information, previously approved management plans and other resources see the Tullamarine landfill archive.

Page last updated on 29 Oct 2015