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Tullamarine landfill archive

The Tullamarine Landfill in the suburb of Melbourne Airport was closed in 2008. Long-term aftercare of the landfill is the responsibility of Transpacific Industries Group Ltd (TPI).

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Community air monitoring 2011–12

As part of the release of the Tullamarine landfill – Community health and environment report EPA committed to a 12-month air monitoring program in the vicinity of the now-closed landfill.

Consolidated community health report 2012

EPA has compiled a single, consolidated report called Tullamarine landfill – Community health and environment report.

The report, released on 14 February 2011, brings together three pieces of research, which are a study by Cancer Council Victoria into the incidence of cancer surrounding the landfill, a review of the landfill’s cap and a study of past and present air quality (a term that describes whether air pollution or other contamination is present at a particular place and time).

Health studies and reports

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