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Wodonga odour issues

Baranduda odour reduction strategy

January 2016 update

EPA has seen a decrease in pollution reports over the past six months. We will continue our compliance activities through a monitoring and evaluation plan. This will include planned inspections, pollution report analyses, and response to odour reports through an odour response strategy in the event that odour reports start to increase in the future.

The Wodonga Saleyards have ceased operation at the Whytes Road premises. Cleanup of all concrete holding pens has been completed. The City of Wodonga is working with EPA to develop an appropriate stormwater management plan at the premises, ensuring negligible environmental impact through the decommissioning of wastewater ponds.

West Wodonga odour reduction strategy

January 2016 update

Pollution reports to EPA from the Wodonga and West Wodonga communities have decreased over the past year – dropping an average of nine reports to two per month. This is a positive outcome, but there is still work to be done. EPA continues to work with Wodonga Rendering, Mars Australia and North East Water to ensure they comply with their licence conditions. Failure to meet these conditions may result in EPA taking enforcement action. For further information, see EPA’s Compliance and enforcement policy (publication 1388).

In January 2016, EPA wrote to pollution reporters in postcodes previously affected by offensive odour. In the short term, this communication may see an increase in the number of odour reports to EPA. We will monitor these reports and work with industry to ensure they comply with licence conditions relating to amenity.

In October, EPA issued a pollution abatement notice (PAN) to Wodonga Rendering to address emissions of offensive odours beyond the boundary of the premises. Wodonga Rendering has now completed a complete replacement and upgrade of the premises cookers.


Following community concerns, EPA and the City of Wodonga are working together to reduce offensive odour within Wodonga.

Baranduda and West Wodonga have been targeted to ensure the potential for odourous emissions from industry are minimised.

EPA cannot resolve these issues without the community being directly involved. We are seeking your assistance in working to resolve any offensive, industrial-based odour issues in the Wodonga area.

If you experience odour in the area, you can report it to EPA by contacting us or calling 1300 372 842 (1300 EPA VIC)

EPA’s role and powers

As an effective environmental regulator EPA’s role is to monitor industry and ensure it complies with the Environment Protection Act 1970 (‘the Act’) and the Pollution of Waters by Oils and Noxious Substances Act 1986 (‘POWBONS Act’). The Act establishes the powers, duties and functions of EPA.

Under the Act, EPA Victoria can ensure compliance with the law in a number of ways. These powers and how they can be used are outlined in EPA’s Compliance and Enforcement Policy. The policy talks about two key elements of enforcement:

  • remedy – fixing a problem or preventing an incident
  • sanction – applying a penalty for breaking the law.

See more information on pollution abatement notices (PANs).

Action being taken

EPA has taken action in Wodonga to stop offensive odour going beyond site boundaries. EPA action falls into two categories:

  • inspecting sites and working with the operators to ensure that the issues that lead to odour offsite are fixed
  • using its statutory powers under the Act to ensure operators comply with their environmental obligations.

As the local council, the City of Wodonga works closely with EPA regarding odour complaints and providing assistance when required.

Odour facts

Offensive odours are those that are offensive to the senses of human beings and adversely affect local amenity or enjoyment of the environment. In order for EPA to take action, the odour must be verified. The council’s environmental health officers can assist EPA when requested in confirming odours.

EPA-licensed sites in Wodonga

Site name EPA licence number Premises address Basis of licence
Ileowl P/L (trading as Greenchip Recycling) EI51665 219 Whytes Rd, Baranduda A01 Prescribed Industrial Waste Management
A07 Composting
North East Region Water Authority CL63329 Multiple A03 Sewage Treatment
Wodonga Quarries P/L EW68038 Lot 1 Edwards Rd, Wodonga C01 Extractive Industry & Mining
Wodonga Rendering P/L EA31173 Kelly St, Wodonga D02 Rendering
Mars Australia P/L EM35606 1 Petcare Place, Wodonga D05 Pet Food Processing
Caltex Petroleum (Vic) P/L SW4018 107 Bradford St, Wodonga G04 Bulk Storage (Chemicals including Petroleum)

Statutory notices

EPA has issued a number of notices in the Wodonga area. In some cases these relate directly to odour. In other cases the notices were on the basis of other environmental impacts but may have been contributing to odour issues. These notices require improvements to environmental impact to be made.

EPA is continuing to inspect a number of sites for potential breaches of their licences with the view to improving their environmental performance and reducing the impact on community.

Date Operator Action Status
16/11/2015 Wodonga Rendering Refurbishment of Biofilter 3. Notice ID 90006471. Due 14 April 2016.
29/6/2015 Wodonga Rendering Enclosure and air extraction of condensate and DAF plant areas. Notice ID 90005954. Completed.
8/4/2015 Wodonga Rendering Refurbishment of Biofilters 1 and 2, and installation of wet scrubber. This notice originally included Biofilter 3 – EPA granted extension on compliance dates by issuing PAN 90006471. Notice ID 90005890. Completed.
4/8/2014 Regional Infrastructure (Wodonga Saleyards) Modification of waste management practices to minimise offensive odours. Notice ID 90005100. Completed.
9/7/2014 Wodonga Rendering Triple interceptor stormwater contaminated with waste. Notice ID 90004945. Completed.
17/4/2014 Wodonga Rendering Installation of stormwater controls, ‘bunding’. Notice ID 90004850. Completed.
16/7/2013 Wodonga Rendering Provision of adequate chemical storage. Notice ID 90004029. Completed.
16/7/2013 Wodonga Rendering Main rendering building air extraction. Notice ID 90004027. Non-compliant: official warning issued July 2014.
16/7/2013 Wodonga Rendering Raw material receival area. Notice ID 90004026. Completed.
4/7/2013 Wodonga Rendering Stormwater controls in holding yards. Notice ID 90003873. Notice revoked.
4/7/2013 Wodonga Rendering Installation of stormwater controls, ‘bunding’. Notice ID 90003874. Completed.
30/9/2013 Ileowl P/L (Greenchip Recycling) Manage liquid waste going to compost piles. Notice ID 90003307. Amended in accordance with VCAT determination. Completed.
25/7/2012 Ileowl P/L (Greenchip Recycling) Take action in relation to stormwater and liquid waste management to prevent odour. Notice number NO10954. Completed.
25/7/2012 Ileowl P/L (Greenchip Recycling) Provide EPA with a water balance for the premises. Notice number NO10953. Completed.
18/2/2011 Wodonga Rendering Cleanup of industrial waste deposited at Carrolls Rd, Wodonga premises. Cleanup progressing.
18/8/2011 Wodonga Rendering Take action to ensure odour is captured and treated to ensure no offensive odours beyond the boundary. Completed.
19/8/2011 Regional Infrastructure (Wodonga Saleyards) Ensure no wastewater or stormwater contaminated with waste is discharged from the site. Completed.

You can find previous information about this issue on the Wodonga odour issues archive page.

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