Working together to reduce red tape

Working together to reduce red tape

EPA has undertaken many red tape reforms as part of the Victorian Government’s red tape reduction program. These have included:

  • corporate licensing ($2.8 million a year in regulatory savings). View the standard cost model assessment (publication 1319). 
  • WasteCert certificates ($1 million a year in regulatory savings)
  • electronic landfill levy returns ($48,000 a year in regulatory savings)
  • ballast water exemptions ($13,000 a year in regulatory savings)
  • reform of the Environment Protection (Scheduled Premises) Regulations 2007 ($2.9 million a year in regulatory savings). Download the regulatory impact statement (publication 1118). The reduction in administrative burden achieved by the new regulations – initially miscalculated as $1.5 million a year – is $2.9 million annually. A corrected calculation (PDF 300KB) was completed by KPMG and assessed by the Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission (PDF 134KB) as adequate.
  • the Environment Protection (Industrial Waste Resource) Regulations 2009 ($9.1 million in regulatory savings per year). View the regulatory change measurement for the Regulations (publication 1383)
  • the early sunsetting of EPA’s Environment and Resource Efficiency Plans (EREP) program ($3.5 to 4.7 million in regulatory savings over 22 months; $2.25 million annualised). Regulatory Impact Solutions quanitified this in a regulatory change measurement on behalf of the Department of Environment and Primary Industries.
  • approvals reform and audit reforms (noted below)

2013–14 Statement of Expectations for reducing red tape

In 2013 the Minister for Environment and Climate Change issued a reducing red tape Statement of Expectations to the Environment Protection Authority.

The government’s Environmental Partnerships (Department of Environment and Primary Industries) highlighted the transformation of EPA into a more effective, accountable and risk-based regulator, and its increased enforcement and compliance effort. This Statement reinforced that transformation.

The Minister’s 2013–14 Statement included performance targets to be delivered as part of the implementation of  EPA’s approvals reforms and audit reforms.

EPA’s response to the Minister’s 2013–14 Statement confirmed EPA’s strong commitment to reducing red tape for industry and to achieve the performance targets in the Statement.

As reported in EPA’s 2013–14 annual report, EPA met all the targets in the Minister’s 2013–14 Statement.

EPA’s preliminary assessment was that its 2013–14 approvals reforms would save industry approximately $700,000 per year.

EPA’s 2013–14 audit reform – Regulatory change measurement (publication 1578) estimates the total cost savings for industry attributable to its 2013–14 audit reforms – compared to baseline costs – to be in the range of approximately $2.34M to $7.23M per year. Applying medium range assumptions, the estimated savings are approximately $3.96M per year.

These estimated industry savings contributed to the Victorian Government’s target to reduce red tape for business by 25 per cent by 1 July 2014 (equivalent to $715 million a year).

In mid-2014, the Minister issued a Statement of Expectations for EPA for 2014–16.

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