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Annual performance statements

Watch a short video about annual performance statements. This video highlights the important elements that licence holders need to know when completing an APS.

Licence holders are required by EPA to provide environmental performance reports after the end of the financial year. An APS (annual performance statement) details performance against each licence condition.

The APS forms are available to licence holders from 1 July each year. The final APS signed by the most senior Australian-based executive in the company must be submitted to EPA by 30 September. If the submission deadline falls on a weekend or on a public holiday, the duty holder can submit by the next business day.

EPA assists licence holders in completing the APS throughout the submission period. This includes troubleshooting any IT related issues or advising what information is required to complete their APS.

If an APS is not submitted by the due date, EPA undertakes enforcement action in accordance with section 31D of the Environment Protection Act 1970.

Assessing APS compliance

Once submitted, we check the APS has been completed correctly before publishing it on our website. Members of the public can then access the environmental performance of licence holders.

Any licence non-compliance must be reported to EPA immediately. Licence holders must also explain any non-compliance in their APS, including what actions have since been taken to address the issue.

EPA investigates the declarations made in the APS through targeted audits. The purpose of these audits is to assess the accuracy of information provided by licence holders in their submitted APS. Under section 31D of the Environment Protection Act 1970, licence holders are required to provide true and accurate information in their APS. Significant penalties exist for omitting, or providing false or misleading information in an APS.

The APS audit program targets sites statewide and across a range of industry sectors. These industry sectors are based on aggregated scheduled categories and are shown in the table below.


APS reports audited sites

A risk-based approach is used to select sites for APS audits, comparing the compliance declarations made by licence holders and the information EPA has on record. This includes public reports of pollution, records of compliance inspections, sampling records, enforcement actions, and payment records for EPA fees and levies. Every year EPA conducts between 20-30 audits of APS submissions.

The APS audit assesses licence conditions the licence holder has identified as ‘complied with’. This is done through examination of procedures and measurement/test results that are used by the licence holder to declare their state of compliance. A report is issued to the licence holders following the audit that contains its findings, as well as advice if minor gaps are idenitified. Remedial notices are issued where major gaps are identified. Where there are significant discrepancies, sanctions are issued.

The APS audit program began in 2012. The percentage of sites audited for the industry sectors to date are shown in figure 1 below. The percentage of audits can vary due to the number of sites in different sectors.


Industry sectors graph

Submission and Audit Results

2016-17 Reporting Year

2015-16 Reporting Year 

EPA also administers the National Pollutant Inventory Program (NPI) within Victoria. This Commonwealth program provides community, industry and government with information about substance emissions in Australia. It has emissions estimates for 93 toxic substances, as well as the source and location of these emissions. Large industrial facilities are required to estimate and report emissions of these substances to air, land and water if they exceed the NPI reporting threshold. Facilities are also required to report transfers of NPI substances contained in the waste to a mandatory reporting transfer destination. Further details of the program can be found here.

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