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Annual performance statements

Watch a short video about annual performance statements. This video highlights the important elements that licence holders need to know when completing an APS.

Annual performance statements (APSs) are the way by which licence holders report their environmental performance for the previous financial year. An APS lists performance against each licence condition and requires an explanation of all non-compliance incidents.

APSs must be submitted to EPA by 30 September each year and must be signed off by the most senior Australian-based executive in the company.

Significant penalties exist for providing false or misleading information in an APS, or concealing relevant information, and are specified in the Environment Protection Act 1970.

Assessing APS compliance

All submitted APSs are checked by EPA for completeness, then published on our website.  

Some APS submissions will also be subject to random and targeted audits that compare the information provided with the information that we already have. This information includes public reports of pollution, records of compliance inspections, enforcement actions and payment records for EPA fees and levies. This comparison helps us detect those that may not be correctly disclosing their compliance status.

Licence holders must report any licence non-compliance to EPA immediately, and explain any non-compliance in their APS, including what actions have since been taken to address the issue. EPA compares the non-compliance reported in the APS with our internal information. We will investigate discrepancies or issues that are identified.

All licence holders need to make sure any documentation they have used to complete an APS is in good order and stored on the licensed premises for seven years. EPA may request copies of APS documentation at any time.

Each year, EPA selects industry sectors for detailed audit. These sectors vary from year to year based on EPA’s priorities for that year and include both rural and metropolitan sites.

Performance and compliance trends

EPA can use the information provided in APSs to track environmental performance and compliance across all licences and within industries. APS data helps us to identify and focus on future compliance risks and select sites for higher levels of compliance monitoring by EPA.

Making APSs publicly available also allows the community and other stakeholders to understand the environmental performance of licence holders. APSs for any licensed site can be viewed by following the links from the Search for a licence or annual performance statement page.

Further information on APSs will be available soon.

Page last updated on 8 Jul 2015